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-Grim, dark, inventive, and with a twist

Hi Everyone.

First things first:

I had planned to release ZH4 today, but I need some more time with it, so I’m holding off until mid next week to release. I just want to be sure it’s right. Thanks for your patience.

With regard to paperbacks, ZH1 is now available from Amazon and Createspace. I’ve priced it as low as I can, but on demand publishing is still quite expensive, so this is really for people who would like a souvenir, as it was this story that started it all. I’ve thought about it a lot and decided I won’t be creating paperback versions of the other parts for the simple reason that I don’t expect people to spend all their money on these as a set. Instead, I’ll be releasing a full novel with all the parts in April, so you can get a print version of the whole series for a more affordable price.

If anyone would like signed copies, let me know, and I’ll figure out a price depending on where you’re from. One thing I didn’t account for with Createspace was their extremely high shipping charges, so rather than buying author copies from them in bulk, it’s almost cheaper and faster for me to buy the books myself from Amazon U.K. and ship them out. The good news is that because it’s quite a small book, the shipping charges from here are pretty low.



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