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Zero Becomes One: My Year In Indie Publishing.

Exactly a year ago today, I clicked the “Publish” button on my Amazon KDP dashboard, sending Zero Hour: A Short Story off into the digital wilds, with a packed lunch and a nice, warm coat on. I expected that to be pretty much it. The figures bandied about by the many self-publishing gurus who frequent message […]

Cover Reveal – Zero Hour 5!

Well here we go friends – this is the cover for Zero Hour 5: Countdown. Second round edits are being worked on at the moment and we should be good for release sometime next week. In case you missed my post on Facebook earlier this week, part 5 will not be the final part as originally […]

Zero Hour 4!

Well folks, it’s finally here! Say hello to Zero Hour Part 4: Survivors, the next instalment in the continuing post-apocalyptic serial. This episode looks at the story from another angle, before linking up nicely with the events in parts 2 and 3, and sees the return of a popular character everyone loves to hate! I’m […]

New Interview!

Check out my latest interview with Preston Leigh at The Leighgendarium, where I give the skinny on my upcoming projects and give away free signed books! 10 Questions With Eamon Ambrose